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Sergio Riva and wife Graziella Montanara created Passamaneria Riva Sergio in 1962, after being active and highly appreciated in their trade for years, Graziella in particular, can rely on a family tradition of braiding making on hand looms which dates back to the beginning of 20th century.
A tradition assumed as "symbol" for our company, so much that, nowadays some of our trimmings are still handcrafted on hand looms and all products have high quality standards. After 40 years experience the entire production chain and the achieved know how have been moved to China where all products are manufactured, trimmings, fringes, braids, cords, tie-backs, key tassels in order to comply with the requests that the modern market requires and guaranteeing unchanged quality and accurancy, thanks to a severe control inside the company the Italian style is preserved, independently from which latitude the product is manufactured.


Riva Sergio 1962.com, creates, manufactures and distributes high quality trimmings for specialized stores, wholesalers, distributors, editors, industries, contractors and show rooms.
In addition to the own collections, some of which are "ready on call", we provide valuable items, complete collections developped following customer’s design and specifications or we create trimmings which are then sold exclusive to customers.
Our production can satisfy any customer’s requirement, starting from an "easy colour change" to a most complicated and sophisticated details combining tradition and innovation by providing the best design and inspiration possible whether it’s classical trimmings, including duplication of antique trims, that modern artefacts satisfying the current market trends.
Our passion for creating "tailor made trimmings" is found in our contract interior design  projects  with our constant presence both in residential that in hospitality and historical contract. To these projects we supply customers with "detailed quotations" and samples are sent straight away giving our best attention and execution.


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